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Berlin Art Week feature: A new generation of painters proves that painting is anything but dead

Galerie Kollaborativ at Prenzlauer Berg will open its new exhibition „frisch gestrichen“ during Berlin Art Week on September 14th at 5 pm to showcase a new generation of Berlin-based artists, proving that painting is anything but dead.


The death of painting has been proclaimed several times in the art world. „frisch gestrichen“ presents a new generation of painters proving that there is still endless space to be explored within this medium and that it is anything but dead.


„frisch gestrichen“ („wet paint“) is an enthralling exhibition that invites viewers to explore the complex and contrasting emotions captured by five young Berlin-based painters from France, Austria and Germany. From whimsical playfulness to the haunting allure of dystopian nostalgia, the artworks resonate deeply, evoking a range of emotions and prompting introspection.

The artists craft atmospheric landscapes that resonate with a yearning for connection and a subtle recognition of the chaotic nature of existence. The artworks invite viewers to reflect on their own experiences of loss, uncertainty, and the delicate balance between chaos and tranquility. Some of the works transport viewers to a world of childlike wonder, evoking joy, curiosity, and a sense of innocence broken by the ambiguity of the motives. Others evoke a haunting sense of longing and solitude or the absence of it. These paintings intertwine figurative and partly abstract elements, employing muted tones and fragmented forms.

The juxtaposition of the artists’ different interpretations creates a captivating dialogue within the gallery space, allowing viewers to engage with a wide range of emotions and contemplate their own experiences.

Most of the artists studied or are studying in Berlin Weißensee whilst some of them have already showcased their work in London, Paris and Vienna.

Allistair Walter @alliztair Cosima Kaibel @cosima.png Julian Simon @that_julian

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